Implementasi Audit Operasional dalam Prinsip Transparansi dan Akuntabilitas pada Kantor Kelurahan Baurung Kecamatan Banggae Timur Kabupaten Majene

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Warka Syachbrani Sitti Mujahida Baharuddin


This study aims to find empirical evidence of how the implementation of
Operational Audit on the Principles of Transparency and Accountability in Government
method. Research data collection was carried out at the apparatus of Kelurahan
Baurung, Kecamatan Banggae Barat, Kabupaten Majene. The results of this study
founded that the existence of an operational audit in accordance with applicable audit
standards and in accordance with the operational audit stages, would be able to improve
the principles of transparency and accountability in realizing good governance in the

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