Pencegahan Penyebaran Virus Covid-19 Masyarakat Di Desa Pattalassang Kecamatan Pattalassang Kabupaten Gowa

  • Muhammad Tafsir STIEM Bongaya
  • Munawal Fitra Ramadhan Tidak ada
  • Muhammad Usro Rustam STIEM Bongaya
  • Wahyu Ichsan Junianto STIEM Bongaya
  • Nurul Insyani STIEM Bongaya
Keywords: Covid-19 Virus Prevention



Pattallassang Village is one of the villages located in Pattallassang District, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi. This village, located in Pattallassang District, is a village that has very little education about the dangers of the Covid-19 Virus. Pattallasang village is divided into 6 hamlets, namely: Sawagi Hamlet, Bu'rung - Bu'rung Hamlet, Tassilli Hamlet, Marannu Hamlet, Bontolebang Hamlet and Sangnging - Sangnging Hamlet. In general, the situation in Pattallassang village is quite crowded and there are many people, it can be said that the people in this village are very indifferent to the Covid-19 virus.